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Food Packaging Machine> PE Shrink Machine

Characteristics of PE shrink film

PE thermal shrinkage film is a kind of packaging film who become popular in recent years , It has high tensile strength, good transparency, excellent moistureresistance and dusttightness ,low cost, non-toxic environmentally friendly, slinky appearance after shrink. Therefore, it was welcomed by the market upon its launch, and gradually replaced PVC shrink film and boxes in some of the market. Polyethylene shrink film can be widely used in small collection of packaging and large tray packaging of beverage, beer, mineral water, paper, cloth, wood flooring, glass bottle, sanitary appliance, lamps, ceramics etc.

PE shrink machine with cold air¡¾Circulating air¡¿
800x600 PE shrink machine
600x400 PE shrink machine

Shrink, seal and cut aggregative packaging system¡¾Universal¡¿
flat-bed model
direct feed model

Shrink, seal and cut aggregative packaging system¡¾stainless steel¡¿
Aldine stainless steel PE shrink system
Standard stainless steel PE shrink system

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